Aquatic Control Group ( ACG ) owns & operates it’s own equipment. Ready to deploy at a moments notice, we use the newest technology to keep up with water maintenance.

Amphibious Excavator

The Amphibious Excavator is constructed to maneuver in marshy areas and soft terrain as well as having the ability to float on water. This state of the art equipment separates ACG from the rest.


Aquatic Harvestor

The aquatic harvestor offers an environmentally sound method of controlling excessive aquatic plant growth in waterways throughout Florida.

Aquatic Control Group Harvestor.jpg

Grapple Barges

ACG has a fleet of barges that can accommodate any waterway. Our cranes can drop our barges in any access point. Our barges & boats are equipped with side scan sonar to remove debris that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Grapple Barge.jpg
Aquatic Control Group 20 Ton Crane.JPG

Crane Services

Aquatic Control Group Swamp Buggy.jpg

Swamp Buggy

Aquatic Control Group Trach Collection Boats.JPG

Trash Collection Boats

Aquatic Control Group Grapper TruckJPG

Grapple Trucks

Aquatic Control Group DOT Turbidity Curtain.JPG

DOT Turbidity Curtain

Aquatic Control Group Amphibious Excavator.JPG

Amphibious Excavator




Spray Boats

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